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Who is an Olmsted Scholar?

A resume won’t tell you who’s going to be an Olmsted Scholar but their peers could. The truth is, they come from every kind of background, every branch of the military, in every shape and size. They share a passion for experiencing the wider world, inspiring those around them and demonstrating the tenacity that marks them for future achievement.

Our Scholars share a spirit of adventure, a curiosity about people and a hunger for the unexpected. Usually Scholars are on their own, navigating the requirements for entry into their course of study, finding the right neighborhood, enrolling their children in school. However they’re also free to create their itinerary for extensive travel as far afield as their schedule and appetite for new experiences will take them.

Olmsted Scholars face more discoveries returning home and resuming their careers. They think differently than before, identify more possibilities, listen more closely and hear what’s not being said. Scholars have ascended to the highest levels of leadership in their services, NATO, unified and joint commands, and the Joint Staff.

Experience and Knowledge

In an age where rapid developments in our international relations, both crises and opportunities, demand sophisticated strategic skills, creative problem solving and insightful assessments of unclear situations, the Olmsted Scholar is equipped with the experience and knowledge to lead American interests successfully.

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Scholars by Service

Today, each Olmsted Scholar Class consists of Scholars from the Army, Navy, Air Force, Marine Corps,  Coast Guard, and Space Force.

Here are the cumulative numbers of Scholars from each service since the Program’s inception in 1960: