Scholar Travel Policy

Olmsted Scholars receive an Annual Grant that is primarily intended to support travel and cultural immersion in the Scholar’s country of residence and study. The Foundation expects that Scholars will explore thoroughly their own country of residence prior to traveling to other countries. This is to give the Scholar and his/her family a broader and deeper understanding of the culture, language, geography, history, and local differences especially of their host country.

Scholars should also travel to neighboring countries in their region of study to gain an appreciation of the interactions and relations of the host country with its neighbors. Scholars are encouraged to contact and visit other current Scholars studying in the region or former Scholars working in the region, and to reciprocate by hosting Scholars.

Travel outside a Scholar’s host country and region is normally not encouraged. The overseas portion of the Olmsted Scholar Program goes by very quickly and there is an opportunity cost for travel to far-away places. The expense and time required for such trips normally detract from the ability to explore thoroughly the Scholar’s own country and region. It is not the intent of the Program to expose Scholars to as many cultures as possible during the study time, rather to permit the Scholar to understand one particular country, culture and language to a deep level.  Travel outside of the Scholar’s region must be coordinated and approved in advance by The Foundation.

Travel during the two years overseas study period should be related to the objectives of the Program and not include trips that are personal or recreational in nature.

Scholars desiring to travel to the United States for personal reasons, including emergencies, must inform The Olmsted Foundation ahead of time or as soon as practical, and receive Foundation concurrence. The Foundation requires exact travel arrangements and points of contact information while the Scholar will be in the United States.

Scholars are reminded that for travel to the United States or out of their region of study, they need to be in an official leave status and not use Olmsted funding for it.